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  • Specializing in residential, and small commercial properties, Portland Homes & Commercial Properties (PH&CP) provides both management, and real estate brokerage services.

    The property you own is not just an “investment.” It is a product. And, whether you realize it or not, you own a business. Even if you own just one rental property – you own a business. Your product is a place for people to call home, or an office building that a company can establish itself, and grow.

    If you have the time, inclination, knowledge, patience, skills, are okay with having to deal with “broken pipes” at 11:30 on a New Year’s Eve, we would be the first to tell you – go for it; manage your property; manage your business.

    However, if you consider the time value of money, along with everything else required to successfully manage a property, (e.g., adhering to rental laws, finding, screening, and signing up new tenants, inspections, regular maintenance, emergency maintenance, book keeping, etc.), perhaps the best move for you is to hire a property management company. And, perhaps, that company is Portland Homes & Commercial Properties.

    The team at Portland Home & Commercial Properties will take care of the day-to-day operations of your real estate business; leaving you with the time to focus on the bigger picture. Whether it be to focus on raising more capital to acquire more properties, attending to your day-job, or any other of life’s responsibilities.


    • We are all about the success of the property owner
    • Which also goes hand-in-hand with an unyielding commitment to a successful tenant.
    • That we know the market
    • Know the laws
    • That we work to maximize your cash flow, and value of your investment.

    That we have the resources to help our customers achieve their goals including real estate brokerage services –for both new product acquisition and sale of existing portfolio properties

    So, pick up the phone. Talk with us. Meet the team.