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  • Mention the words, “Property Manager” to someone that has been a tenant of one – what will you see? All too often, it is a furrowing of the brow, rolling of the eyes, and a grimace. More often than not, the experience of the tenant is that the property manager is there just to collect rent. Period.

    At PH&C, we recognize that as a prospective tenant, you’re obviously looking for more than a place to hang your hat. You’re looking for a place to call home for yourself, family, or business. You would like to work with a property manager that is there for more than just collecting rent.

    The team at PH&C understands that you are looking for a property manager that will treat you with respect, be reponsive to your needs when issues arise, and – make you feel welcome. A tenant does not want to feel as though they are living in someone else’s home. Whether they are renting a single family home, a unit in a plex, or a space for their business – when they walk in the door, they want to feel as though they are, “home.” And, the property manager plays a key role in making that happen.

    The success of your tenancy with PH&C is driven by our commitment to effective communication — starting from the moment you begin investigating our properties, to application, move-in, and beyond.

    We are proud that our tenants send us notes of appreciation, and that they choose to stick with us when they need to get a larger place, or move to a different part of town.

    If you are looking for a home, or an office to locate your business anywhere in the Portland metro area, take a look at what we have available. We look forward to working with you.